Russian commanders are sending hundreds of people to their deaths in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, evidence obtained by Ukrainian intelligence showed.

"They just sit there and send 20 to 200 people to their deaths, and that's it," a Russian soldier told his fellow trooper in an alleged call intercepted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense's Chief Directorate of Intelligence.

The people who came from east Russia were "all f-----g killed," the soldier claimed while mentioning the "weakness" of the orders given to the frontlines.

Before that, he said they had six of Cargo 200 and Cargo 300, Russian military code words used to refer to dead and wounded soldiers, respectively.

"One got his bones broken... A lot of them had one leg just hanging. We were going around clearing mines. What we couldn't demine, we threw off the road into the bushes. They collect scrap metal here - tanks, armored personnel carriers," the soldier said, according to an English translation by Pravda.

In response to his comrade's story, the other soldier called Russia’s plans "b------t."

"Special operation this, special operation that... F--k knows who's defending themselves from who," he said.

Russia has not declared war on Ukraine nearly six months into its unprovoked assault, and the invasion is still being referred to as a "special military operation."

During their discussion about the situation on the frontlines, one of the soldiers claimed that Russians on the defensive would not be given any more medals and those that have already been issued would be withdrawn.

Russia's last official casualty figures from the war, provided by the country's Ministry of Defense in late March, numbered its fatalities at 1,351.

Meanwhile, independent Russian media outlet Mediazona claimed 5,185 Russian soldiers died in the invasion of Ukraine as of July 29.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has lost around 10,000 soldiers as of last month, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed in an interview.

Ukraine was losing about 100 soldiers per day at the time, the adviser claimed.

Ukrainian servicemen and a ritual worker load bodies of killed Russian soldiers to a refrigerated rail car, in Kharkiv Ukrainian servicemen and a ritual worker load bodies of killed Russian soldiers to a refrigerated rail car, as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, at a compound of a morgue in Kharkiv, Ukraine May 22, 2022. Photo: Reuters / STRINGER