India's total fertility rate (children per woman) has fallen below the replacement rate of fertility for the first time, according to the findings of National Family Health survey (2019-21).

The findings of the survey released by India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Nov. 24 reveals that India's population is stabilizing with fertility rate dropping to 2 percent in 2019-21 from 2.2 in 2015-16.  "The Total Fertility Rates (TFR), an average number of children per women has further declined from 2.2 to 2.0 at the national level," the press release issued by India's Health Ministry said.

The survey also finds that the use of contraception has increased in India over the past few years.

"Overall Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) has increased substantially from 54% to 67% at all-India level," added the press release.

According to the survey, India also has more women than men. India now has 1020 women for every 1000 men in comparison to 991 women to 1000 men in 2015-2016.