The Islamic New Year, also known as the Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year, will start on July 29, according to the Gregorian calendar.

For many Muslims, Muharram, the sacred month that starts the new year, is a time of mourning and reflection.

The 1444th year of the calendar will be commemorated by the Islamic New Year this year. The lunar calendar is used to calculate the dates of religious feasts and important observances. The term "Muharram" translates to "forbidden."

Here are wishes, courtesy Asianet, to share on this day.

1. Happy Islamic New Year! May this new year bring you and your family Allah's blessings, purge your life of negativity, and bring your family prosperity. 

2. Let's all begin a new chapter in our lives on this auspicious day of the Hijri New Year with the support of our families and the blessing of God since we are all going through a difficult time. 

3. Let's all pray to Allah for a new year that brings happiness, peace, and the removal of all evil from the world. May this year bring about positive changes for all life on Earth. Happy Islamic New Year! 

4. Happy Hijri New Year! I sincerely hope that this year will bring you some rays of hope and that all of your dreams will come true with Allah's blessing. 

5. Happy Islamic New Year! May the upcoming year bring you and your family nothing but Allah's blessings and happiness, as well as success in all your endeavors. 

6. May the first sun shines fill your life with happiness and prosperity, and wash away all your problems, as you celebrate the Hijri New Year. 

7. Let's all pray to Allah for the improvement of society in the upcoming year, as nearly everyone experienced a negative event as a result of the challenging pandemic. 

8. Wishing my closest friends and family a Very Happy Islamic New Year, I believe that the best way to ring in the new year is with the love and support of family, friends, and other loved ones.

9. Let us praise Allah now and every day for all the mercy he has shown upon us. Have a blissful year.

10. May we all become Allah’s favorite creations in this life and in the afterlife. Happy Hijri new year.

Migrants pray during Muharram celebrations at the refugee camp of Moria Migrants pray during Muharram celebrations at the refugee camp of Moria Photo: AFP / ANGELOS TZORTZINIS