The ousting of Vince McMahon from his position as chairman of the board and CEO in the summer of 2022, but he has since returned to the company as a member of the board of directors and had assumed the role of executive chairman in January.

With his return, fans had grown worried about him being involved in the onscreen product once again, though there had been no indication that he was going to takeover Triple H's role as head booker.

However, renowned pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer recently pointed out on TSN Radio's Sunday Night's Main Event that McMahon's backstage visit during Raw last Monday, March 6 was not as harmless as many believed.

"That's what they want you to believe... He has influence on stuff now and Triple H has even said so. You know, they talk about it. Triple H is the one in charge, but Vince offers his opinion. And that's natural," Meltzer revealed.

"I talked to somebody there... that night, and it was just like, that's what they want you to believe. He (Triple H) was the one giving all the orders and everything like that, but Vince [McMahon] was there and whatever that means long run, you know, we'll see."

While there have been no concrete evidence or statements to reinforce Meltzer's comments just yet, fans are pointing to one single match on the WrestleMania 39 card which they believe came from the mind of McMahon.

On the February 27 episode of Monday Night Raw, MVP challenged Brock Lesnar to a WrestleMania match with Omos during an in-ring segment which Lesnar accepted.

Pro wrestling fans have always been enamored with the prospect of seeing hoss-versus-hoss matches, but the pairing of Lesnar and Omos does sound like something McMahon would have dreamed about.

Lesnar, 45, is entering the twilight of his pro wrestling career and putting over Omos, 28, on WWE's biggest show of the year makes some sense as the former University of South Florida basketball player would benefit greatly from beating one of the industry's most prominent stars.

Putting them together with barely a month's worth of build-up appears like a last-minute suggestion that was made with no other role than to fill out the card.

In that same vein though, Lesnar will not agree to do anything that he wants at this point in his career and it makes for a pretty cool easter egg for hardcore fans in the industry where he had in-ring encounters with Big Show earlier in his career.

Working with a talent of Lesnar's caliber surely will help in Omos' development into becoming a monster for the years to come, though fans remain skeptical of how the WrestleMania bout will play out.

McMahon's seemingly one-off appearance behind the curtains was enough to get fans worrying about the future of WWE, but if the aforementioned match does turn out decent, then concern about Triple H losing his booking prowess will likely be allayed.